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Our Client requires the services of a project manager level 3 consultant to perform the following activities for the GCDocs IM Project:

a) Manage, monitor and forecast project execution; take corrective action as required to deliver project within scope, quality, time and budget Ensure internal and external stakeholders management through effective communication;
b) Lead and/or assist in, risk management, and issue management identification, analysis, resolution, and monitoring;
c) Identify and advise the Manager Project Management office and project management team of priority activities, conflicts and critical path activities;
d) Develop appropriate project management deliverables;
e) Assist the Manager Project Management Office with the implementation of scope management, change management, requirements traceability, and quality management processes related to potential transition activities.
f) Lead and/or assist in managing the review of deliverables in accordance to the National Project Management System (NPMS) Policy and directives, and the acceptance of deliverables;
g) perform overall project planning based on predefined Charters, estimates, schedules and scope;
h) monitor and forecast project execution;
i) maintain existing plans, PMO tools, procedures and systems in use within the PMO that are needed to manage and direct PMO development activities;
j) develop and produce new plans and procedures subject to approval by the Project
k) planning and scheduling aspects;
l) produce and maintain integrated work breakdown structures (WBS) and schedules;
m) analyze integrated schedules to identify priorities, activities and conflicts and advise solutions to the Manager, Project Management Office and other project managers;
n) communicate plans, progress and developments;
o) contribute to projects life-cycle improvements through lessons learned and project archives;
p) assist the Manager, Project Management Office and the Project Management Team in planning, organizing and coordinating activities;
q) assist the Manager Project Management Office in the development and coordination of presentation materials in response to scheduled and unscheduled reports to update senior management of project progress and areas of concern;
r) Produce monthly status reports, or as required.

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