Privacy Policy


ITnet is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information.  In general, personal information collected by ITnet includes, but is not limited to, your name, residential address, residential phone number, and email address.  Personal information does not include job titles, business addresses and business phone/fax numbers.

As ITnet continues to expand, changes to our privacy policy may be required.  ITnet will notify you of any significant changes and will obtain your consent before using your personal information for purposes other than the reasons originally collected.

Collection and Use:

Information is collected for clients and customers to ensure timely communication occurs.  This may include the collection of email addresses and/or cell phone numbers.
Information is collected for employees for payroll and benefit processing, in addition to ensuring timely communication.  This includes the collection of dates of birth, Social Insurance Numbers, residential phone numbers, beneficiary names, and emergency contact information.
Information is collected for sub-contractors for processing invoices and to ensure accurate CV’s are available for recruiting purposes.  Information held within the CV is determined by the individual, and therefore may or may not include personal information.  In addition, residential phone numbers, email addresses and cell phone numbers are collected to ensure timely communication occurs between the sub-contractor and ITnet.

Like other organizations, ITnet does work with third parties who may be required to handle your personal information in order for them to provide service (e.g. benefit providers).  All third party providers and ITnet employees who in any way handle or manage personal information have acknowledged and agreed to adhere to our Privacy Policy.


ITnet makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the personal information it collects and uses is accurate and complete, updating it periodically.  You can help by ensuring that we are informed of any changes to your information, such as a change in address or telephone number.  ITnet will modify the information as required, upon written request by the individual to whom the information relates.  Employees are to direct their requests to Human Resources, while sub-contractor requests are directed to Contract Management in the Finance department.


ITnet is committed to ensuring the protection of your personal information.  Security measures are in place to protect our offices, the computer systems, and your files from unauthorized access and use.  The safeguards vary and depend on the sensitivity of the information being protected.  A higher level of protection is used to safeguard more sensitive information.  Such safeguards may take the form of building alarm systems, locked filing cabinets, and restricted access to information (physical, electronic control devices, technological tools such as passwords, encryption, firewalls, etc.).


ITnet retains personal information for the duration for which it is required, ensuring both business and legislative requirements are fulfilled.


ITnet will not disclose personal information about you unnecessarily to employees or any third party, without first obtaining your consent.  However, ITnet may release personal information when we are required to do so by law or in situations where we need to protect ITnet rights or property.  We reserve the right to contact the appropriate authorities at our discretion when activities appear to be illegal or inconsistent with our policies.


ITnet promotes an individual’s right of access to personal information about themselves.  If you would like to view your information, simply forward a written request to ITnet’s HR Manager.  Separate contact information is in place for our Ottawa office.  You may be required to provide sufficient information to allow us to verify your identity prior to completing your access request.
We may not be able to provide you with information from our records that:

  • Contain references to other individuals
  • May cause harm to another person
  • Is the subject of litigation
  • Contains confidential information

Questions or Concerns:

You have the right to challenge our personal information practices.  If an error or omission in your personal information has occurred, ITnet will amend the information as required.  Where appropriate, the amended information will be transmitted to third parties having access to the information in question (e.g. employee benefit provider).  In the event that the accuracy of your personal information is challenged and not resolved to your satisfaction, ITnet will ensure that a record of the challenge is retained.
ITnet responds to a request within 30 days after receipt of a written request.  Under extenuating circumstances, ITnet may extend the time limit for responding for a maximum of 30 additional days.

If you have questions, concerns or problems regarding privacy or the handling of a request for information, or would like to make an access request, please contact:
ITnet Ottawa HR Manager 116 Albert Street, Suite 900 Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G3



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