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Our Client requires the services of a Business Analyst (Special Assistant / Senior Communication Advisor) for the review of briefing materials and presentations for upcoming planning and reporting documents. i.e. Annual ISTB Strategic Plan and Engagement Strategy, reports going to the TBS CIOB on the performance of reported projects and actual accomplishments.

The Business Analyst will be engaged on an as-needed basis to support the ISTB VP and AVP Offices in the development of the first set of IT plans and reports for the new department. The resource will:

• Advising Senior Management on a range of issues affecting the organization’s ability to achieve the project’s business objectives;
• Developing and/or implementing an organizational improvement plan, business plan, policies and standards;
• Identifying and researching best practices;
• Processing problems into solutions or new opportunities/initiatives;
• Analyzing, advising on, and implementing business processes, strategies and functions;
• Advising on business decisions;
• Provide advice on messaging and audience needs;
• Edit and revise documents to promote maximum impact and effectiveness;
• Ensure effective structure and design of key documents in the early stages of development and highly effective quality control prior to release and publication;
• Recognizing market factors and adapting business decisions to the context of the organization’s sector and industry;
• Analyzing and documenting the business requirements and delivering work products through the life cycle;
• Consulting stakeholders (individually or by means of facilitating group sessions) to identify comprehensive business requirements;
• Documenting business requirements for all stakeholders;
• Interact with senior officials of the Agency.

SecurityStatus: Must Hold    Location: Ottawa

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