Bid (Proposal) Manager

Bid (Proposal) Manager


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The Bid Manager is accountable to plan and schedule all proposal efforts on those opportunities that have been identified, build compliant proposals including coordinating the collection of the elements of the proposal from the Proposal Team Members (Recruiters, Account Executives, Practice Leaders, Practice Managers, and the Corporate Librarian). The proposal is to be built in accordance with the request for proposal (RFP) specifications.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Review RFP to determine appropriate response. Includes reading the RFP to identify all pertinent information to the submission and defining technical and management requirements. Intimate knowledge of procurement vehicles available to IT/NET to use (including terms of reference) and analyzing the content for consistency or errors. Identifying potential issues in the response process.

2. Prepare submission templates (shells). Review RFP document to ensure inclusion of all pertinent information, organize documents in accordance with RFP requirements. Create/prepare resource matrices, technical and financial proposals and include necessary corporate certifications. For corporate proposals; create a responsibility matrix outlining responsibility for each section, set quality assurance timelines and due date for submission of input to the Bid Manager.

3. Develop work plans and schedules. Includes coordinating input with required internal resources to prepare input for bid document.
Follow-up when deadlines have been missed.

4. Set timelines and track progress of bid. Includes notifying all resources involved in the bid of proposal timelines and due dates. Ensure proposal is ready for submission before the deadline.

5. Review bids for compliance. Review final bid document to ensure required information is included, answers appear in the correct order, the proper format has been used and required modifications or changes have been incorporated into the final submission.

6. Consolidate and close out administrative tasks associated with the bid. After final submission of the bid; file documents in appropriate network folders and update internal systems with final notes. Verify receipt of contract management documents and save in appropriate location on the network drive.

7. Coordinate all bid meetings (Kickoff, status and debrief). This includes arranging time and location for meetings, inviting appropriate personnel, preparing the agenda, facilitating the meeting, disseminating required information, taking minutes and assigning work and timelines.

8. Assume responsibility for individual time management. This includes prioritizing proposals in order of importance, complexity and/or due dates to stay on schedule to meet defined time lines.

9. Collaborate with internal IT/NET personnel to foster an environment of team work, information sharing and continuous improvement. This includes the dissemination of information to colleagues within IT/NET for the purposes of providing the best possible services to the IT/NET/ KPMG client base, respecting, recognizing and leveraging individual talents and contributions, professionally approaching all situations within the IT/NET workplace and participating on internal working groups (as appropriate) for the advancement of the organization.

 Completion of high school is required.
 A university degree or college diploma in business or administration or equivalent considered an asset.
 APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals) Designation considered an asset.

 Minimum of 4 years experience in an IT consulting proposal function is required.
 Minimum of 3 years experience in a co-ordination function.
 Minimum of 1 year experience working with Government Procurement vehicles.
 Project coordination experience is considered an asset.

While we Thank all interested candidates, only those chosen for interview will be contacted.

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