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Our Client requires the services of a Contractor to develop support and training materials for the Immigrant Contribution Agreement Reporting Environment (iCARE) online application.

The Contractor must provide the iCARE team with services such as the development of user manuals, training videos, presentations, and train-the-trainer materials covering a minimum of six iCARE modules (listed below) including approximately 10-20 data entry screens with up to 100 data elements each. In addition, training of the SPOs will include materials developed by the consultant, including presentations, webinar training and videos.

1. Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP)
2. Language Assessment
3. Language Training
4. Waiting List
5. Information and Orientation Overseas
6. Community Connections

SecurityStatus: Must Hold    Location: Ottawa

Posted By Full Name: Lianne White   Posted Date: 130250339214470000

StartDate: (contract to start upon contract award)    Closing Date: 130268016000000000

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