Senior Human Resources Policy Development Consultant – Level 3


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Our Client is seeking experts to work under the direction of Justice Canada staff on three projects. All three projects will involve desk research, as well as field visits to conduct interviews, observe the workflow in the implicated organizations, and/or present draft reports and options to Jamaican partners. Considering the impacts on gender, youth, and the environment, and taking into account the political and social realities of Jamaica, the consultant(s) must complete the following activities:

Resource 3 – Senior Human Resources Policy Development Consultant: review documentation prepared by Justice Canada to date on ODPP HR matters, as well as other related information (including researching that information as necessary); develop a draft list of proposed HR policies to be developed for the ODPP and plan and conduct stakeholder consultations on that list; draft HR policies for the ODPP including any implementation implications; receive feedback from Jamaican stakeholders on the draft policies from Jamaican stakeholders in a mission and finalize policies; and develop a draft sequenced implementation plan identifying areas requiring costing.

SecurityStatus: Must Hold    Location: Ottawa

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