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A Database Administrator is responsible for the support and ongoing maintenance of a database such as Oracle. He/She must have extensive knowledge of database management principles, development methodologies, and the database structure and associated programming languages. Must have experience with performance tuning and providing advice to application developers on the best approach to structuring queries. Must have good analytical and communication skills. Must be able to work both independently and within a team framework. Must be able to supervise junior team members. Must be able to prepare status reports for senior management.

Job responsibilities include:
• Develop and/or manage database administration standards;
• Create and/or maintain server environment including its state of readiness;
• Manages application, database and operating system integrity;
• Review technical architecture standards in conjunction with the Application Architect and related resources;
• Coordinate and synchronize database instances;
• Troubleshoot and resolve system problems related to the integration and transports for the application, database and operating system;
• Develop and/or enforce database naming standards and guidelines;
• Monitor SAP changes including the distribution of relevant information such as fixes and enhancements to the project team;
• Raise and coordinate the resolution of application, database and operating system issues;
• Work with the project manager to develop, estimate and manage technical aspects of the project plan;
• Provide advice to the project manager and/or the client authority;
• Ensure deliverables are complete, produced to schedule and budget and meet the quality specified;
• Install, configure and operate the database management system (DBMS) including the application and related software;
• Identify database, system and application problems and propose and implement solutions;
• Develop and/or implement backup and recovery procedures for database files;
• Administer user account access to database files, maintaining user profiles and user accounts;
• Implement and maintain database-level security and authorizations;
• Review proposed database structure changes and provide recommendations;
• Provide support during the implementation of new releases of software including the installation of new releases and updates/fixes and the conversion of data from one release to the next;
• Analyze customization changes with project management and/or senior technical resources.

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