Project Managers Level 3


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The services of a Project Manager (PM) are required to:
• Develop initial process and documentation templates for coordination of larger projects with IM&TS for DFO clients and projects;
• Coordinate other Project Managers or Coordinators assigned to deliver sub project(s) of a complex project, managed by the Senior Project Manager;
• Perform project planning, based on predefined Charters for all knowledge areas;
• Take corrective action as required to deliver complete scope, at desired quality, in time and within budget for own project and suggest actions to guide and mentor other project managers;
• Manage end-to-end strategic projects, usually very large in scope, budget and team;
• Maintain existing plans, PPMO tools, procedures and systems in use within the PPMO that are needed to manage and direct PPMO development activities;
• Plan and coordinate project activities including financial, planning and contracting aspects;
• Produce and maintain integrated work breakdown structures (WBS) and schedules;
• Analyze integrated schedules to identify priorities, activities and conflicts;
• Advise senior managers or directors of any potential conflicts or risks to critical paths;
• Communicate plans, progress and developments to Directors and other client managers and executives;
• Prepare documentation and presentation materials in response to scheduled and unscheduled reports to senior management on project progress and areas of concern;
• Contribute to process, methodology, framework or best practices improvements to
be applied by the organization in project management area, based on performance
analysis, lessons learned and project archives.
• Ensure that the project is in line with good practices with regard to information management, including ensuring that project documentation is kept in the department’s official repository; and
• Obtain project sign-off.

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