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Our Client requires Professional Services expertise in the domain of organizational design, management and leadership of change to support the development, implementation and management of the strategies and plans related to moving to the Enterprise (horizontal) Services Delivery Model.

The work will be conducted in three consecutive phases:

Phase 1 – Current Assessment – IM/IT Business & People
The goal of the Phase 1 is to understand the current situation across the Portfolios with a prime focus on finding (and building upon) strengths and successes, as to risks, weaknesses and issues. The focus is on gaining understanding of the current people and process capabilities across the Operations Branch.

Phase 2 – Develop the Enterprise (horizontal) Services Delivery Model, strategies and initiatives
The goal of the Phase 2 is to articulate what Business Transformation means for the Operations Branch and its leadership team, and to select/develop the right operating model, strategies and plans to get there.

Phase 3 – Launch the New Operational Model
Phase 3 is about mobilizing the Operations Branch to initiate Business Transformation –this includes the initial launch of the operational/organizational model which will include organizational-wide communications, stakeholder engagement and management of change activities.

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