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The scope of this requirement is to provide an architecture for the GC regarding internal identities, credentials, and access management. The scope of work will include policies and processes that encompass a complete solution pertaining to this. Interactions with other ICAM components will be clearly specified upon contract award however implementation details such as network segmentation and high-availability will be specified subsequently by the project team responsible for implementation; as such implementation is not part of the scope of this requirement.

The Senior IT Security Methodology, Policy and Procedures Analyst is required to:
1. Meet requirements 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 6.1.5, 6.1.8, and 6.1.10;
6.1.1. Review/analyze and gain knowledge, understanding, and application of:
• GC policy instruments, such as the:
• Directive on Identity Management
• Standard on Identity and Credential Assurance
• Guideline on Defining Authentication Requirements
• ITSG-31 (or NIST SP 800-63)
6.1.2. Familiarize themselves with the current GC ICAM environment;
6.1.3. Participate in appropriate requirements‐gathering activities (e.g., workshops, interviews, modeling, or other requirements elicitation and analysis activities) with departments to elicit information and requirements from key stakeholders for a GC-wide enterprise ICAM foundational solution;
6.1.5. Prepare or review technical and/or business presentations and briefings or technical documents as required by the Technical Authority;
6.1.8. Provide advice and guidance, based on experience gained with large ICAM deployments ideally in the public sector, on ICAM architecture, process, governance, and policies to make a government-wide program successful;
6.1.10. Provide regular status reports, format and frequency to be defined in consultation with the Technical Authority;

6.2.2. Research, plan and develop policy instruments to support GC ICAM;
6.2.3. Document TBS research and assessments on privacy and legal implications of GC ICAM.

SecurityStatus: Must Hold    Location: Ottawa

Posted By Full Name: Lianne White   Posted Date: 130223452539100000

StartDate: (contract to start upon contract award)    Closing Date: 130235184000000000

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