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Our Client is looking to undertake a new project that aims to bring more awareness to the Data Management group. In support of this project, CATSA requires the services of an Intermediate BI Developer. This resource will be responsible for creating a new BI landing page which will be the entrance point for all BI reports and services. This resource will also be responsible for developing all content required for this landing page.

Under the leadership of the Senior BI Developer, the BI developer is required to perform the following:
• Meet with stakeholders to gather and document requirements;
• Understand business users’ requirements to develop and enhance reports and cubes;
• Translate the requirements to CATSA’s BI requirements template;
• Assess client needs, make recommendations, and help the specification process when uncertain of possible/desirable reporting solutions in consultation with the senior BI Developer;
• Source the required data needed to support the requirements or develop alternate methods for sourcing data that is not readily available;
• Design and build appropriate database objects, warehouse builds, ETL jobs, OLAP models, and user-friendly reporting that meet specifications;
• Complete and thorough documentation of the work performed (for example: Report, Framework Manager and ETL documentation and any Process documentation).

SecurityStatus: Must Hold    Location: Ottawa

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StartDate: (contract to start upon contract award)    Closing Date: 130221360000000000

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