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Our Client requires the services of one (1) Level 3 IM/Recordkeeping Specialist, to carry out analysis to identify Information Resources of Business Value (IRBVs), and to develop recordkeeping procedures (including digitization procedures) for both IRBVs and transitory records.

Serve as Project Manager, including activities such as:
· Project planning and budgeting activities, including preparation of the initiative’s work breakdown structure.
· Setting up a project library – creating and managing project documentation within Our Client’s Records, Documents and Information Management Solution (RDIMS) repository.
· Preparation of presentation materials.
· Developing a risk management framework.
· Creation of an issue tracking and resolution process.
· Monitoring project milestones, reporting issues to the Project Authority and taking corrective action to mitigate delays.

Development of recordkeeping procedures for up to four (4) Common Business Activities, including activities such as:
· Facilitation of meetings with business units and stakeholders engaged in the business activities to develop and discuss recordkeeping options.
· Working with IM Specialists in the Corporate Information Services Division to develop digitization procedures to capture IRBVs.
· Working with IM Specialists and client users to optimize the use of Our Client’s installation of RDIMS to manage IRBVs and transitory records.
· Presenting the resulting procedures to senior management to obtain approval.
· Providing training and support for implementing the procedures, if and when approved.

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