Information Management Architect – Level 3


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The scope of the specific work will be detailed in a Task Authorization on a project by project basis and is expected to include:

A2.1.1 Information Management Architect Level Three (3):

• Develop technical architectures, frameworks and strategies for Information Management applications;
• Conduct technical analysis of the Open Text EDOCS RDIMS architecture;
• Conduct technical analysis of the Open Text Content Server GC-DOCS architecture;
• Review and assess the configuration (system settings, parameters, defaults) of the RDIMS/GC-DOCS environments;
• Make recommendations on the architecture and configuration of RDIMS/GCDOCS to optimize the installation to meet business requirements, taking into consideration the product roadmap and future direction of GC-DOCS;
• Identify project risks to the Project Authority related to the Open Text Content Server GC-DOCS Architecture;
• Develop and define data conversion strategy from Open Text EDOCS (RDIMS) product to Open Text Content Server GC-DOCS;
• Make presentations and write reports as required by senior management on the GC-DOCS architecture and implementation across the Department/Agency;
• Perform impact analysis of technology changes; and
• Provide information, direction and support for emerging technologies.

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