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The purpose of this requirement is to have a TBIPS Supply Arrangement at our disposal to ensure that KM&S has the ability to build a temporary, flexible and skilled team of resources to meet the demands of the Real Property business lines and prepare the data in the existing systems for the migration to the NOVUS solution. The required services are to be provided through TBIPS Business Class Categories on an “as and when requested” basis through a Task Authorization (TA) process. The Contractor will be responsible for providing a team of dedicated IT professionals address specific IT needs in order to help KM&S achieve their operational and strategic objectives.

The I.5. IM Architect (level 2) must:
1. Analyse existing capabilities and requirements, develop redesigned frameworks and recommend areas for improved capability and integration. Develop and document detailed statements of requirements.
2. Evaluate existing procedures and methods, identify and document database content, structure, and application subsystems, and develop data dictionary.
3. Define and document interfaces of manual to automated operations within application subsystems, to external systems, and between new and existing systems.
4. Prototype potential solutions, provide trade-off information and suggest recommended courses of action.
5. Perform information modelling in support of RPB implementation.
6. Perform cost/benefit analysis of implementing new processes and solutions.
7. Provide advice in developing and integrating process and information models between business processes to eliminate information and process redundancies.
8. Provide advice in defining new requirements and opportunities for applying efficient and effective solutions; identify and provide preliminary costs of potential options.

SecurityStatus: Must Hold    Location: Ottawa

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