Application/Software Architect – Microsoft Project Server – Level 3

Activities may include, but are not limited to the following:

• Develop technical architectures, frameworks and strategies, for existing and future MS Project Server deployments to meet the business and application requirements.
• Identify policies and requirements that drive out a particular solution.
• Analyze, evaluate and document alternative project management technology solutions to meet business problems.
• Ensure the integration of all aspects of technology solutions.
• Evaluate hardware and software relative to their ability to support specified requirements and, by determining potential and existing bottlenecks, and improve system performance through recommended hardware changes.
• Review computer software systems and data requirements as well as communication and response needs and determine operating systems and languages needed to support them.
• Optimize the overall system architecture in terms of total cost of ownership by assessing third party license costs versus custom developed system components.
• Analyze system performance and recommend improvements.
• Delivers logical and physical architecture diagrams
• Makes presentations as needed
• Delivers Conceptual Design and Technical Design Documents
• Works with IT Security and others to achieve Accreditation and Certification (C&A)
• Inputs to Disaster Recovery Plans
• Inputs to Business Continuity Plans
• Documents Data Models
• Work with Shared Services Canada (SSC) to implement or modify the infrastructure as necessary
• Analyze requirements to identify information, procedures, and data flows
• Provide configuration changes
• Install installation packages
• Deploy Microsoft patches to the Application
• Provide knowledge transfer on MS Project Server to support team in IMTD

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