Technical Analyst

Technical Analyst

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Technical Analysts are technical experts with the ability to think outside the box and can provide innovative ideas. He/she is a great communicator with strong analytical skills who likes to work with a team, creating strong relationships with colleagues and customers. He/she is able to set priorities in a fast changing environment. He/she has initiative and is results oriented. Must be able to listen effectively and be able to maintain a professional image. Must have demonstrated skills and abilities in collaborative efforts with experience in team/project oriented activities. He/she must be able to make concise decisions and have strong leadership skills.

Technical Analysts will work on projects that have deliverables including:
• High level design and technical architecture
• Technology frameworks
• Software configuration

While responsibilities will change depending on the client you are working for; as a Technical Analyst you can expect to:

 Establish a comprehensive understanding of the technical capabilities offered by software facilities;
 Assess compatibility and establish technical standards for the technical framework;
 Develop or assist with business and functional requirements, project scope, estimates of effort and duration;
 Establish baseline configurations from functional, business, and technical requirements;
 Analyze architecture considerations for technical integration of application software, user interfaces, and third-party components with existing systems

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