Senior Linux Administrator

Senior Linux Administrator


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Job Description:
a) Prepare Build and Run documentation based on detail design specifications
b) Install and configure Operating Systems based on current documentation and specifications.
c) Install and configure system peripherals, network components, network printing, support utilities, etc.
d) Test and install new releases and patches of an operating system and support utilities
e) Install and configure support utilities
f) Monitor, report, test and implement solutions,
g) Handle trouble tickets forwarded from the operations centre
h) Liaise with and provide technical support to clients, developers, and other support areas to resolve problems and/or plan installations
i) Tune, monitor and analyse system and network performance bottlenecks and implement possible solutions
j) Manage all implementation and technical support of mount points on disk subsystems
k) Administer and manage privileged user accounts and participate in centralization of authentication.
l) Monitor event logs and report exceptions
m) Check system services state and take corrective actions as required
n) Start and stop services
o) Provide second and third level support
p) Document practices and procedures used by SSC in support of systems and applications

SecurityStatus: Must Hold    Location: Ottawa

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StartDate: (contract to start upon contract award)    Closing Date: 130358772000000000



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