Information/Records Management/Recordkeeping Specialist – Level 2 – Resource 1

Information/Records Management/Recordkeeping Specialist – Level 2 – Resource 1


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Our Client requires the services of two (2) Level IM/Recordkeeping Specialists, specialists to carry out analysis to identify Information Resources of Business Value (IRBVs), and to develop recordkeeping procedures (including digitization procedures) for both IRBVs and transitory records.

Business process analysis and identification of business value, including activities such as:
· Reviewing Our Client’s Recordkeeping methodology and background materials on functions and business processes.
· Leveraging existing process documentation if available to reduce response burden on subject matter experts.
· Planning interviews with subject matter experts (interview format, presentation materials, handouts, pre-reading, if necessary);
· Facilitating interviews with subject matter experts to elicit information about the business process and the associated information resources.
· Developing process maps;
· Consulting stakeholders within Our Client to obtain additional relevant information, as necessary.
· Identifying IRBVs and associated recordkeeping requirements (e.g., format, storage repository, retention periods and triggers)
· Reporting progress, and issues should they arise, to the Project Manager and Project Authority

Development of information management procedures, including activities such as:
· Consulting subject matter experts to identify effective and efficient ways of managing IRBVs that are appropriate for their current business processes
· Evaluating options and recommending methods of eliminating transitory records
· Working with IM Specialists in the Corporate Information Services Division to optimize the use of RDIMS to meet client needs while respecting recordkeeping requirements
· Writing clear and concise procedures
· Working in conjunction with the Project Authority to obtain senior management approval of procedures for the business unit
· Maintaining project documentation

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