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The scope of the specific work will be detailed in a Task Authorization on a project by project basis and is expected to include:

A2.1.4 System Administrator Level Two (2):

• Serve as Administrator of the Open Text EDOCS Records, Document and Information Management System (RDIMS);
• Serve as Administrator of the Open Text Content Server (GC-DOCS);
• Create, modify and disable RDIMS/GC-DOCS user accounts;
• Create, modify and delete RDIMS/GC-DOCS groups including the setting up of default groups and other related activities associated with Group Management;
• Respond to RDIMS application questions on use of Open Text EDOCS DM and RM and on RDIMS training;
• Respond to GC-DOCS application questions on use of Open Text Content Server and on GC-DOCS training;
• Assist individual users and work units with importing large volumes electronic records into RDIMS/GC-DOCS;
• Analyze departmental/agency records policy to determine configuration parameters that should be applied to the IM applications;
• Provide support and guidance to the department/agency users of RDIMS/GC-DOCS;
• Manage daily operations of IM databases in order to ensure the maintenance of a sound database structures;
• Consult with IM Project Team where required for approval of new setting and functions in RDIMS and GC-DOCS; and
• Monitor data integrity of IM databases through auditing and study of statistics in order to provide quality assurance for information in the database.

SecurityStatus: Must Hold    Location: Ottawa

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