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Our Client requires two (2) level 3 programmer analysts on as and when requested basis to develop new components for the new web-based application version of NewsDesk.

NewsDesk is a well-established media-monitoring application used by over 60 government organizations that allows monitoring, filtering, searching, alerting and distribution of media content (newspapers, TV and radio transcripts, online). It was developed in house by Public Safety Canada staff and has been in production since 1997.

A new version of this application is being developed for the following reasons:

• To replace the current Microsoft Indexing Service search engine with the open source Apache Solr search engine
• To replace the current Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Common Look and Feel (CLF) 2.0 web template with the Web Experience Toolkit (WET) web template
• To upgrade technologies to current standards including HTML5, ASP.NET 4.5
• To replace the current search syntax which the new search engine will provide

The purpose of this requirement will be for the proposed resources to work on the application components to transition the original News Desk application to use the new open source Apache Solr search engine. The resources will be responsible for such things as developing components of the news application such as an updated user interface, and integrating the new search engine into the business and data access layers and the database design of the application.

SecurityStatus: Must Hold    Location: Ottawa

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StartDate: (contract to start upon contract award)    Closing Date: 130276656000000000

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