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As a Consultant who aides organizations in transition; you understand the importance of managing organizational change; in particular in motivating people to make the change. Your strategic consulting starts at the beginning of a project and allows you to analyze the impact of a chosen path on an organization – not only their systems, but more importantly their people, operations, and processes. Your dynamic communications skills ensure that people are excited by the change, see the value of the change, adapt to, and embed the change in the organization’s way of doing business.

As a Consultant who specializes in the Management of Organizational Change you:
• Have broad and in-depth knowledge of business processes, operations and the dynamics of employee behavior and motivation within organizations;
• Understand the importance of knowing how to work with and through people in order to motivate the required change including;
o agreeing on a common vision for change,
o communicating the vision and selling the business case for change,
o a strategy to educate employees about how their work will change,
o planning for how to measure success including plans for follow up, and
o rewards that encourage individuals and groups to take ownership for their new roles and responsibilities.
• Know how to, and have proven experience, motivating people to participate in change in order to enable change as it is intended to happen.

As a member of the IT/net Management Consulting Practice you:
• Provide high quality consulting services to our clients;
• Participate in and contribute to the success of the practice area;
• Develop trusted and long lasting relationships with clients;
• Contribute to the sales process by attending meetings, participate in the RFP process and completing quality assurance reviews as requested;
• Collaborate with internal and external personnel to foster an environment of teamwork, information sharing and continuous improvement.

To be successful you require:
• A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Communications, or a related discipline;
• Demonstrated ongoing professional development activities;
• Relevant professional certifications
• The ability to speak both official languages is an asset;
• The ability to work as part of cross functional teams, develop professional standard reports, manage your time and contribute to the success of the organization ;
• A minimum of 5 years proven Management of Organizational Change experience
• Current Canadian Government Secret Security Clearance

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