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CGP requires a Contractor to perform an assessment of their current business processes, standard operating procedures, service delivery performance and associated costs and fees, to identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations for increased efficiencies in, but not limited to the following areas: business processes, service delivery and performance, Program costs and service fees, taking into account the regulatory context, the national and international profile.

The Controlled Goods Directorate requires the services of a Business Process Consultant specialised in process efficiency assessment, streamlining and optimisation.

The contractor must:
• Conduct an assessment of the Standard Operating Procedures, the High Level Process Map, the operational functions and organizational design of the Controlled Goods Program;
• Perform a service efficiency and business processes review and evaluation of the CGP in order to ensure effective operations, increase efficiencies and to assist with future decision-making;
Identify procedural stream-lining, process improvements and cost cutting measures;
• Identify any roadblocks or impediments to operational efficiencies that must be addressed;
Deliver a project plan for the implementation of and transition to more streamlined and efficient processes.

SecurityStatus: Must Hold    Location: Ottawa

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