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The scope of the specific work will be detailed in a Task Authorization on a project by project basis and is expected to include:

A2.1.3 Business Analyst Level Two (2):

• Implement the methodology to capture and organize information about record keeping and the retention specifications in line with the Directive on Recordkeeping;
• Assist in the review the state of the current information repositories, data sets and business processes;
• Provide direct support to the Project Team in the development of the Recordkeeping Accountability Instrument (RKAI) and the implementation of the Institutional Specific Disposition Authority (ISDA);
• Assist in the initial drafting of the Business Contextual Report and the Diagnostic Tool Report;
• Assist in the review of all information management methodology, tools and templates to be used for the information gathering as part of the Research and Planning steps of the Project;
• Undertake the review all organizational holdings gathered for specific branches and help to determine what information has business value and enduring value;
• Undertake gap assessments for assigned processes to determine the validity of the data collected and provide guidance and recommendations to address the gaps;
• Review the quality of the information repositories, data sets and business process inventories and as required conduct research and analysis related to their enduring or business value;
• As required develop new processes, tools or procedures related to appropriate control and accountability measures;
• Assist in the establishment of retention specifications and disposal actions in terms of information records;
• Assist in the identification and tracking of issues, risks and actions related to compliance with the Directive on Recordkeeping;
• Conduct facilitation and coaching of program specialists on the Project requirements, methodology and provide coaching on how the tools and templates are to be completed; and
• Develop and conduct technical training sessions for program specialists in HC/PHAC on the project steps.

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